Bend and Snap

Bend & Snap

To make a marriage. 

Bend & Snap.

No person is set in stone.
Move with the changes. Embrace the flow.

Sometimes choppy waters, sometimes a meandering stream.
Wear your love as a life jacket. Always row as a team.

Water the roots. Don’t let life get in the way.
Still hold hands, kiss…say ‘I love you’ every day.

When storms hit, pull the ropes in tighter.
Keep sight of the silver lining. Find your inner fighter.

Be each other’s greatest fan. Let your voice cheer loudest.
Have faith when others don’t. Be sure to be proudest.

Chart your love in small remembers;
Passion burns bright, but forever is in the embers.

Look toward the horizon. Look to your sunset.
End your days telling the story, of the moment you met.

10 thoughts on “Bend & Snap

  1. This is a lovely post on love and marriage. To that positive outlook and motives, a big respect to you for I see you as that. A very happy anniversary to you and your husband. Also I have read so many of your posts and they are really nice and insightful. I am a new blogger in here and it would be really great idea you can go through my posts and give your feedback. Thank you in advance.

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